Turnkey solutions designed right the first time by qualified solar engineers and installed by professionals

We deliver fast, precise and high-quality workmanship.

We are proud of all our installation as this benchmarks the next project.

We use only the highest available quality products on our projects to guarantee the customer the best results.

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Current electricity cost

Future demand & growth

More Cost-effective source of energy

Greener better future for our children

Enabling assistance in economic growth

Inconsistent supply of electricity including power failures

Not using the right design, products and installer can result in a sub-standard system not meeting its performance requirements, or in some cases 100% system failure within a few days due to design flaws.

Due to renewable solar energy still being in its infancy stage in South Africa, projects are often riddled with disappointment in performance.

Electricians may be qualified for the installation of PV systems but not necessarily for the design of such. It is very complex when it comes to matching Inverters, PV modules & batteries for the so-called “sweet spot” performance.

Contact us as engineers to get the right information & products the first time. There is no easy way or shortcuts when it comes to designing the right system.

Unfortunately, a proper system may be expensive but it will last you years with the right design & setup.
We use high-quality renewable energy products for optimum performance, make sure you use the right designer for your system.