Turnkey solutions designed right the first time by qualified solar engineers and professional installers of high-quality renewable energy products for optimum performance

We deliver fast, precise and high-quality workmanship.

We are proud of all our installation as this benchmarks the next project.

We use only the highest available quality products on our projects to guarantee the customer the best results

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Current electricity cost

Future demand & growth

More Cost-effective source of energy

Greener better future for our children

Enabling assistance in economic growth

Inconsistent supply of electricity including power failures

Not using the right designers, products and installers can result in a sub-standard system not meeting its performance requirements, or in some cases 100% system failure due to extreme temperatures or design flaws.

Due to renewable energy still being in its infancy stage in South Africa, projects are often riddled with disappointing performance.

Electricians may be qualified for the installation of PV systems but not necessarily for the design of such. It is very complex when it comes to matching Inverters, PV modules & batteries for the so-called “sweet spot” performance.

Contact us as engineers to get the right information & products the first time. There is no easy way or shortcuts when it comes to designing the right systems.

Unfortunately, a proper system may be expensive but it will last you years with the right design & setup.


  • System Capacity: The kWh (units) requirements to run your home and the kWh output of the Pv array need to balance.  If your home use 30kwh (units) of power a day then the solar Pv array power output must match the 30kwh needed.     16 x 330watt Pv = 5.28kw Pv array    x   5.5 hours radiation (sun Hours)    =   29kwh a day.        Radiation levels differ in each area in South Africa, refer to info page for more detail
  • Product Comparison: warranties & guarantees including sustainability of the supplier.  Can the installer supply you with proof of product warranty?
  • Inverters: Ensure every aspect of the units Capabilities.  Not all products can do the same stuff, make sure you understand what you buy.
  • PV Panels: Canadian, Risen, Jinko, Trina, Photon, SD, Solar world & Renesola are trusted brands with backup in South Africa
  • Batteries: This is where most customers are scammed.    Its very important to know that AGM & GEL batteries do not last for 10 years if cycled daily, instead they will last only 800-1500 cycles depending on the depth of discharge.     2v Tubular Lead acid cells will last for 10-12 years because of their 2500-3500 cycles.   Make sure you acquire the correct battery specifications for the right job.   There is no such thing as a 10-year warranty on AMG, GEL or Tubular batteries.   a 10-year designed life on a GEL battery must not be seen as a guarantee.   Each battery has a cycle chart supplied by the manufacturer with the depth of discharge VS cycle life.  Ask for proof. 
  • Installation: orientation for winter & summer, DC & AC wiring sizes, breakers etc…  The sun may shine 12 hours a day but Pv panels can only absorb and produce a certain qty power, make sure you understand the difference.


As a qualified solar representative and engineer, ECO TRADES can prevent such problems.   We use only cutting-edge technology & provide this along with our expertise to our clients in the industry. We offer only the most effective inverter systems in the market combined with solar panels and batteries, we strive to deliver the best combination of quality service and backup form our suppliers.


Requirements for a Quotation?

All electrical power AC or DC is based on kwh (units on your electricity bill).     If your house or business uses 30kwh per day, we have to make sure that the system will under normal circumstance produce that 30 kwh.   Off-grid systems will need Eskom or a generator in case of bad weather.

We don’t need to visit the premises the 1st time, 99% of the electrical connection is standard procedure.    Fitting a PV system on the roof remains a basic installation practice even if its tiles, IBR or corrugated roofing. We need your average kwh consumption and based on that we can send you an estimate quote on the type of system you will require.

It is always a good idea to perform an energy efficiency study before looking into solar power due to cost.   Changing globes and outdoor floodlights and installing timers on geysers and pool pumps can reduce your electrical bill by as much as 50%, it will have the same saving on solar systems costs.

Please take time and read our info page before buying a solar system.