Hybrid / Off-Grid System

Hybrid / Off-Grid Inverters

Off-Grid  / Hybrid systems are designed for remote applications where no grid power is available or for applications where there is grid power that is available for backup and to allow the system to work in auto-switching mode.

Off-Grid systems are mostly used with a generator or a wind turbine as a backup to support the battery bank if the weather is bad.

Both these systems work with specially designed lithium ( LiFePO4) batteries for long-term cycling. 

If you are in it for the long term then GEL, lead acid or AMG are not recommended.


These systems are mostly designed on the kwh usage of the load requirements.

These LiFePO4 batteries last normally 12-15 years depending on the depth of discharge (D.O.D).

These systems are mostly over-designed for longer backup that makes it more expensive.   

Return on investment could be +-6-10 years depends of what you pay per kWh (unit).


In case you use more kwh then what the system was designed for or over the limit, the system will automatically switch back to grid mode for the grid to supply the load or if it is set up it will charge batteries from the grid.  Off-Grid systems can auto start generator if needed

5kWp – 2000kWp Systems – There are so many designs and options, please contact us to custom yours…