LIFEPO4 Lithium-Iron Battery

LIFEPO4 Lithium-Iron Batteries are a logical step forward for ways to utilize energy storage in today’s life.  With a long life expectancy, this makes sense to install at a fraction of the cost as for similar capable technology battery types.


Lithium Iron Phosphate provides vastly superior usable capacity, 90-100% depth of discharge over incumbent technologies with long cycle life and significant advantages in terms of weight and size.   Lithium weighs 33% less than a traditional Lead Acid battery and uses 1/3rd less of the space of Lead Acid which makes it perfect for solar applications.   Superior thermal and chemical safety and stability with low environmental impact.

Key Features

  • 15-17 year float design life at 25⁰ C.
  • All Lithium Cells are “Deep Cycle” up to 100% depth of discharge (D.O.D).  Very good cycle stability, 10 years or 3 500 cycle warranty, up to 4500-5000 usable cycles.
  • Modular, portable, rackable and scalable, configure parallel connections up to 320kWh, each 10kWh cabinet comes with its own Battery Manage System (BMS)
  • Significantly better climate operate at -20 to +70⁰ C as for Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries (+ – 25⁰ C) This allows for better management of your cooling system which equates to a cost saving in energy usage overall.
  • Lithium Polymer electrolyte uses a pouch enclosure rather than a metal enclosure. The absence of lead removes some of the motivation for theft, given that they are not a heavy metal, so no recycling value.
  • Up to 98% efficient on charge and discharge rates over 15-20 hours as for 75% on lead batteries on C20.

10kWh Package includes;    can parallel up to 320kWh with compatible inverter configuration

  • Battery Stage Cabinet
  • 1 x Battery Manage System (BMS)
  • 2 x 200Ah 24V Li-ion Batteries
  • 1 x BMU

Please note that battery cabinets & color may differ from this picture due to different suppliers used…      Internal components are the same.


List of compatible inverters:       Victron,   Goodwe,   SMA Sunny Island,   Sungrow,   Solax,   Schneider,   Axpert Voltronic,   Mercer Voltronic,  Outback.


Eco Trades is a certified Lithium Iron Battery installer.



Victron Power

Victron Energy has possibly the widest variety of solar products of any manufacturer with everything from tiny solar controllers up to rather impressive 15kVA grid-interactive inverter/chargers, not to mention a seemingly unlimited combination of add-ons and accessories to create everything from simple battery monitors to remote AC or DC-coupled off-grid power systems. Single or 3 phase configuration.     Victron Multiplus or Quattro units are available in 5kVa, 8kVa, 10kVa, 15kVa

Victron: 15kVa inverter setup can be done in a few ways as this has an impact on cost;

•        One Victron 15kVa unit installed single phase
•        Three Victron 5kVa units installed single or three phase for a total of 15kVa

Next few questions as this make another impact on cost?

•       How many MPPT solar chargers and panels ?
•       How many batteries ?
•       What type of batteries you like, we do them all ?
•       How many kWh (units) do you use per 24hour day ?


•       Inverter: The inverter only converts the power from DC to usable AC and manage the system through its communications, nothing else….
•       Solar panels & MPPT Chargers: The power itself comes from the solar panels that supply the load in your home and the excess power is stored for use during night… how much power do you need?
•      Power Use: Systems are designed to supply you power in a 24 hour day. The same way as you use power from the grid. You pay for kWh (units) from Eskom. We need those kWh units that you use per day as this is how we size your system otherwise we could size it too big and your system is too expensive or we could size it too small and you go only halfway during the 24hour day cycle. Kwh usage = panels & battery sizing. 
Example – If you use 30kWh a 24h day the batteries need to store at least 75% of that because 16h00-08h00 the next day is about 18hour (75%) of the day otherwise you won’t make it through the night. 
That is why battery systems are so expensive. If you got a cheap solar quote the person who quoted you normally cuts on battery size and you will have endless problems with your system!

Victron Marketing video;

We can design commercial scale Grid active or off-grid solar solutions.  The design below production potential is 500kWh in a 24-hour day cycle.

Eco Trades is a certified Victron solar installer.



Solar Edge

In 2006, SolarEdge invented an intelligent inverter solution that has changed the way power is harvested and managed in PV systems. Since beginning shipments in 2010, SolarEdge has shipped more than 4.7GW of its DC optimized inverter solution and its products have been installed in PV systems in 100 countries. SolarEdge is traded on the NASDAQ under the SEDG symbol.

How Can Businesses Benefit from solar ?

We as professional & certified solar installers have installed so many solar systems, grid-tie, off-grid and complexed… small and large… residential & commercial. Please have 

        Solar Edge Residential video:

        Solar Edge Commercial video:

Grid-tie systems are designed to save you money.  It combines the solar output power with Eskom input power to reduce the usage from Eskom. Grid Tie Systems do not offer any backup power in case of load shedding.   Eskom off = Solar system off

Systems such as these are ideal for offices, shops, malls or large complexes, mines, hospitals, butcheries or wherever occupancy mostly occurs during the day.  Homes with a pool and large daily consumption can also benefit from these systems.

These systems are the most cost-effective to install and your return on investment could be 2-4 years depending on what you currently pay per kWh (unit) on your electricity bill.

These systems can export to the grid if it’s allowed by your local authority.     If it is not allowed to feed power back to the grid then a solar block can be installed to prevent export. Scalable systems, 1.2kwp up to 100,000kwp…. You don’t have to install a large system, start small and expand the system over time.

Eco Trades is a certified Solar Edge installer.     Please contact our offices for more info on Solar Edge systems


Solar Carports / Parking

Eco Trades has designed a few solar carports as an add-on solution for the solar industry.   In many cases shade, space or roof structures are a problem and open areas like parking lots may be the answer.     Our designs meet system weight limits & wind load standards and will be approved by local authorities.



Solar Power

We pride ourselves in our efficiency to be able to install most different types of solar products.    We are channel partners of top brands and are able to install and commission most of them with backup and support.

Channel partners: Hauwei, Solar Edge, Schneider, Axpert , SMA, Chint, ABB, Victron, MLT, Microcare, Infini, Tesla Power Wall, Freedom won, FNB Raylite, Willard, Canadian Solar, Solar Edge.



Pre-wired on ready board
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